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February 08 2018

Tronxy X3 SD card to micro SD adaptor bracket

This holds the SD card adaptor under the frame of the tronxy x3 and the adaptor plugs into the micro sd card slot on the pcb

JinJang Dust Cap for Z motor

Had an idea for the z-axis motor dust cap and found Kubicq's design. Added the necessary holes and screw lugs to add a nice balanced atmosphere to my 3D printing adventure :)
Made the screw lugs thin so you should be able to use the original screws.

Lab coat mount gopro session

I made this mount for filming my chemistry experiments.

Made for Gopro Hero5 session.

Protector zapata flash

un simple protector para zapata de flash de cámara.

Tarion TR-V1 extensión del soporte para usar con grip de cámara

soporte sobredimensionado para poder usar el Tarion TR-V1 en cámaras con grip. El de origen sólo es usable sin grip, incluso dependiendo de la cámara necesita algo más de distancia en la posición superior e inferior, izquierda o derecha, con esta pieza se gana an todas direcciones.

Cr-10 control box under bed mod - squash ball edition

These are anti vibration squash ball legs designed to keeping your cr-10 control box under printer. It will take some time to print those legs, but they are really strong in return.

WARNING! Cables for x axis, extruder and hotend are too short for control box under bed, you should use extension cable kit, otherwise your Z build volume will be reduced to 300 mm.

You will need:

Mount block for 4 Nimbles on a Kraken

The mount block allows you to bolt 4 Nimbles on a E3D-Kraken hot end.
This is experimental, mainly because it needs a PTFE tube that curves into the Kraken. This is done to leave the middle available for the water cooling and to still be able to open the Nimble breeches. I have tried a curved PTFE tube on a small test block and had no trouble printing but ymmv. Have not tested it to the fullest extent I normally do. Therefore, WiP.

The STL models are checked and optimised. The parts that need a different orientation to print properly are rotated to the preferred printing position.

The Nimble Extruder

With an installed weight of less than 27 grams on your carriage/effector the Zesty Nimble is the smallest and lightest extruder you can buy, it has ample torque and can be mounted in multiple orientations.

The Nimble is available from Zesty Technology.

High voltage Keychain

a little high voltage sign keychain

Tiltable Phone & Tablet Stand

Tiltable Phone & Tablet Stand

  • Easy to print
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • No supports needed

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/hu5k53FUt6E


  • Print in provided position
  • Layer height: 0.1mm - 0.3mm
  • No supports needed
  • No infill needed (but can be used for better durability)

Playstation Move Racing Controller Wall Mount

Wasn't able to find a wall mount for this controller when I was tidying up my living room because my media rack was cluttered with game controllers. So thought I'd make myself one and share with the community.
It should print fine without supports

Low Poly Helicopter Toy

I made this Helicopter toy model for my son using Fusion360. I've included STL and F3D files. Feel free to remix it for your kids to enjoy.

Anet A6 left carry with Z stop

modified left carry ,to use with original stops, still testing !!

grafter: remixing 3D printed machines

This is a remixed hand cranked test tube centrifuge. It works like a charm, but moreover: it has not been modelled by me but by the shared knowledge on Thingiverse. It is a remix of three existing models mixed together using our software system grafter, a remixing tool for 3D printed machines. (developed at the Hasso Plattner Institute by Thijs Roumen, Willi Mueller and Patrick Baudisch)

Anti wobble Z Axis for Geeetech I3 Pro B

This is a remix of Bernbout thing. Thank's to him (or her) !

I had to remix because the linear ball bearing guide of the soft rod of the Z axis was touching the part, instead of the base of the Z carriages.

If you have the Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro B Acrylic, that thing fits directly.

You'll have to print 2 parts, of course

Kit N°3 - Systémes de Fixations sur Potence/Crémaillére - Multi Fonctions // // // // ...

Kit N°3 - Systémes de Fixations sur Potence - Multi Fonctions
Kit #3 - Column fastening systems-- Multi Functions

All parts were designed, printed and tested by myself
If you encounter a problem, a misunderstanding or you have a proposal for improvement ... do not hesitate to report it
Thank you

Make sure you have a machine properly set.
All the pieces are functional and the mechanicals plays are appropriate.
Do not force the assemblies during assembly.(Think to deburr your pieces and correctly remove supports residues )
Toutes les pièces proposées ont été modélisées, imprimées et testées par moi
Si vous rencontrez un problème, une incompréhension ou bien une proposition d’amélioration… n’hésitez pas à le signaler

Assurez-vous d'avoir une machine correctement réglée.
Toutes les pièces sont fonctionnelles et les jeux sont adéquats.
Ne forcez pas les assemblages pendant le montage (ébavurage … suppression correcte des supports..

X-UAV Talon DB9/D-Sub Plug Holder


This is a very simple plate designed to hold a DB9/D-Sub connector in place on the X-UAV Talon (preferrably with wing extensions, but should work without them as well).

You need to print four in total, no mirroring necessary.
To install, simply cut a recess the size of the plate into the wings/extensions and glue them in with the connector already installed.
If you're using wing extensions (like me), install the connector in the plate, guide the wires through the wing and only then glue it in place.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

Version History

  • V1 (8.2.2018)

    Initial release


  • Use an additional wing locking mechanism! (I'll upload the one in the last two pictures later)
  • Fix the DB9 Plugs using short M3 screws (see pictures)
  • I used UHU POR to glue the holder into the wing
  • Make sure the plug holders aren't recessed too deep into the wings!

Vigano 42mm Badge

A 42mm badge for original vintage Vespa legshield trim

Vespa SS180 Eddy Grimstead Front fork Badge

Custom designed front fork badge for an 1966 Vespa SS180.

Fits on my scooter that in the style of the 1960's dealer special from Eddy Grimstead, but could easily be edited to have any text and be printed in any colour to match your scooter.

I printed and just went over the raised parts with a permanent marker. Stuck on with double sided tape!

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