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March 01 2017


Another 3D printable part for my steam engine.

Broad Sword Letter Opener

This was me taking a stab (hehe) at designing something from scratch. It's not meant to be some kind of historic reproduction obviously but really a chance for me to see what I could do with Tinkercad. This is admitted very much a novice effort.

You will notice that the hilt in the STL file is different from the one in the picture. A coworker pointed out to me that the ends of the guard were upside down so I fixed them.

The scabbard is a bit clunky and at some point when I make version 2.0 I'll try to make it a little more elegant.

At any rate, it actually functions as a decent letter opener.

Flash/Camera Shoe Clip for 18mm Shelf

This is a 'hotshoe' sized socket that clips on to a shelf. Its pretty straight forwards! I use it with an adapter and selfie thing so my phone (which I used a lot for internet and apps stuff) is off the desk and in view.

I printed in PLA and it fits my 18mm Ikea shelf just right!

gopro hero 5 58mm filter

This is a 58mm filter holder I did for Gopro Hero 5 (without case).
Seeing as I haven't found anything yet I used MMWORKS idea and re-did all to fit hero5. Only used the 58mm sizes with a calliper. Everything else was mathe from scratch with illustrator.
I still don't know how to make it a screwing type so it fits by pressure.

It's my first time posting anything as I'm new to this, so any advise would be wellcomed.


Will this fly ?? Made for a 150x150 print bed, designed to take a 4inch prop, 1806 motors will be snug...

this is just for fun bottom plate is closed with a round cover so overlaps, Designed in fusion cad and cut and carved in Tinker cad, I'm keen to see one of these printed and made :-) The hs1177 Cam is designed to be located in the top of the frame its going to be a very tight tight build, feel free to cut and carve as needed....

Used tinker car files to form cut its from HS1177, may need tweaking but keen to see.. Heres the link if you do need to... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1564955

TPU is going to be best for top plate cover..

Book shelf

Book shelf

1-100 FV432 APC low poly model

Low Poly FV432 APC scaled at 1-100 or 15mm scale, not perfect i missed a set of road wheels will correct that latter. sorry for the mistake.

1-100 Flak 88 emplacment on buried bunker roof

Flak position for 8.8cb Flak 15mm 1-100 scale

Lacie Porsche design hard disk rugged protections

On makerbot replicator 2 I've printed @ 101.2% scale for correct the PLA retraction

XHover R5LX/R5X Battery Strap Protector

I got tired of breaking battery straps in a crash on my R5LX and R5X. I designed a plate that
will take the angle away from the plates. The battery strap is now pulling against a flat surface.

I have printed in both TPU and PLA. TPU flexed too much when tightening the battery strap. I settled on printing them all in PLA. They both weigh 3g when complete.

FlyingBear Extruder Custom

Flyingbear Extruder customize

print example


simple vase

a simple vase you can print the smaller version

Proton Savvy AC knob

Proton savvy Ac knob.. since its hard to find it at car sparepart shop, so juz print it..

AUNA MIC Support

Good morning, here is the new desk stand i have made for my AUNA MIC 900-BG. If you don´t have a proper mic stand for this microphone and you have a mic spider, this new thing could be usefull for you.

I printed it in PLA and works really good. It could be suitable for other mic spider with an outer diameter of 19mm.

MiPad2 stand

It's just a stand for my MiPad2.

Printed with 20% infill.

As always FreeCAD file is included.

Help 1-877-402-7778 Kaspersky Total Security 2017 for Activation Code

Kaspersky Total Security 2017 is open toll-free 1-877-402-7778 for Individuals and corporates using Kaspersky security for protecting their PC from virus threats but sometimes face technical problems. This online support service works for all versions including Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Antivirus software running on windows, Mac and Android computers and laptops.

Visit: http://www.kasperskytechnicalsupportnumber.com/kaspersky-total-security/

toothbrush case

you can either print the base and top parts seperated and assembly (but you need a glue) or you can print all the model as one piece, ı recommend you to print as one piece but ı uploaded all the files in case if you want to use just the bottom maybe.

Stand for Realacc Strange Third Hand

Stand for Realacc Strange Third Hand from banggood

not tested yet !!!!!

BTL-B Y-wing starfighter (x-wing) Clone wars

there are 2 printable versions. 1 is in 2 halves and the other complete depending on how you want to print and the final ship should be 61mmx32mm making it perfect to use with x-wing

Nixie Clock (IN-12) Case

The design for this case is made with Google SketchUp by myself, but feel free to customize it for your needs! :-)

I printed this one with PLA.
Note: The "inlay" is shortened, because the tubes shouldn't be fully visible.

For the Electronics and an awesome tutorial on how to build a nixie clock, visit:
http://codeterrific.com/arduino/nixie-clock-build/ (thanks again adam!)

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