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July 19 2018

VW up phone holder

This thing fits in place of the GPS in VW UP! Skoda Citigo and Seat MII.

Glue it to a case that fits whatever phone you have

Pneumatic Removal Tool

Help to remove Pneumatic tube from the fitting, I've a hard time keeping even pressure on the clip while removing the tube.

box clasp

I designed this clasp to close a wooden box. You can adjust the force required to close the box with the screw. I used M6 screws as axles with glue to hold them in place. The clasp is fixed to the box with 3mm wood screws.
You need one of each component.

Printed in PLA. it is strong enough for my 10kg box.

tailcapstand for Led Lenser P7QC and P7.2

tactical tailcapstand with integrated roll resistance for Led Lenser P7QC and P7.2

GoPro Hero 5 / 6 FPV Universal Mount 30 Degree FULL COVERED (Nachos LOGO)

Full Cover GoPro hero 5 , 6 and hero 2018. 30° mount!
Print as third photo shows, print in TPU with supports!

Rims adapter for Robbe rims on Wedico axles

This Rims adapter is for using a Robbe Rim at a Wedico Axes.
At the Image you can see a Trilex Rim from Veroma (is for Robbe) at my Wedico Model.

tailcapstand for Led Lenser P7R

tactical tailcapstand with integrated roll resistance for Led Lenser P7R

Five Tribes Interlocking Card Plate

A tile holder for Five Tribes. This is a resized/remixed version of a tile holder for Forbidden Island.

Remix of mp23's E3D Titan Aero Cr10s Mount

Hi There

This Has several modifications.
Base is the E3D Titan Aero Mount for Cr10 made by MP23Racing.
It is modified to hold the stock extruder motor from the CR10(s), ABL Sensor
and the cable drag chain made by stevenfayers (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2923095)
It is not mounted yet, due missing parts I still have to print.
Extruder holder was printed in PETG, cable drag in PLA

I hope is is useful for someone

Alpha Vector Spaceship from No Man's Sky

Alpha Vector Spaceship from No Man's Sky.

The file was original on MMF but I deleted my account a few weeks ago.
To celebrate the NEXT update, I decided to reupload it on the most famous platform.

Made 2 years ago so the files is not optimized 100% but should be fine.
Parts are separated so that people can print parts in the corresponding colors, should they want to.

Parts should be reoriented accordingly before slicing. For some reason, default orientation is random when I convert to STL ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Base superior

Base superior para montar la electrónica de la ANYCUBIC Kossel Linear Plus arriba.

LotP - heavy infantry - Dalamar Faction

Heavy infantry crested with Dalamar faction shield.
Those units will be probably the main army units, able to sustain ranged attack (with shield and medium armor) and with decent offensive capability.
They will move slowly than their light counterpart and cannot pass on forests hex.

I put the stl file of them, fully equipped, and fully unequipped with shield and weapon stl to print it.

more info? seek more "Lure of the Prophets" items on thingiverse (they will be all downloadable for free) or look at:

Paw the Catzcoin

Enjoy it & have fun! :)

Rubber band adjustable level slider

I needed a level holder for SN04. At the moment it is not possible for my to change the distance between nozzle and sensor in at the display and I don't want to connect always a computer when the weather is changing. There are some other holders, but I wanted a lightweight slider where the rail is in the middle and the the slider longer.

Instead of springs I am using rubber bands to pull the slider up. The M3 screw is used to press it down. From outside you can't see the rubber bands. One end of the rubber band is fixed between the sensor and the slider. The other end is fixed with a knot.

The holder works fine and accurate for me.

Pod X210

I have Remix this Canopy for a GoPro Session5 and a little bit higher Stack(4in1).
Print in TPU.

Let`s have Fun.

Desinfec't Keychain

Ein Anhänger für einen desinfec't USB-Stick.

A tag for an desinfe't USB-Drive.

Clueboard / FC660m 66% Mechanical Keyboard v2

Revision 2 of my case. Original here.
Main improvements are more rigidity at the cost of more fasteners required.

Before printing, make sure to orient the pieces correctly. Flip the switch pieces upside down. For the base pieces, be sure to lay them flat on the build plate.

See my build log

BOM similar to old version, just different length bolts:

  • Controller e.g. Teensy
  • 66 * Diodes (I used 1N4148)
  • 66 * Switches
  • 4 * 2u Cherry stabiliser
  • 1 * 6.25u Cherry stabiliser
  • Keycaps (you'll need 2x 2.25u Shift caps as L and R shifts are same size)
  • 1 * Micro USB breakout PCB
  • 6 * 16 or 12mm M3 bolt and nut
  • 6 * 20mm M3 bolt and nut
  • Wire and solder
  • Sticky rubber feet (optional)

Floorboard to Joist Drill Guide - Parametric - Openscad

This is my floorboard to joist drilling guide. Its helps you make repeated drilling of holes to joist as good as practically possible. Previously i used just cardboard as a guide.
It also acts as a spacer element from floorboard to floorboard.

IMPORTANT! To note the guide does not eliminate screwing into pipes - If Pipe network is not straight OR off center and full of surprises .Check before using this guide. Its not a hard and fast guide.!

To use the guide enter the joist dimensions in the openscad file and floorboard dimensions.
This gives you a visual model. Floorboard Dimension entry here is imperial while joist is metric. All other calculations are metric.

Now modify floorboard_hole_inboardx_mm and floorboard_hole_inboardy_mm and
floorboard_hole_pitch_mm to suit.
Adjust guide hole (GUIDE_HOLE_mm) to suit. I found using a bradawl to mark holes before drilling was better in actual usage.
Finally modify GUIDE_ENDSTOP_THICKNESS to suit. 2mm works well but older boards have larger gaps up to 4mm.

There are two models you can produce from this file, One with basic end stop and the other with a cross bar (see pics). To change modify the centerbars= yes OR no.
It is best to print both versions in actual use.

I have provided example STL models of one with endstop and one with crossbars for 2mm spacing.

Finally to print the model you need to flip it in Z axis.

Usage Notes:
The indentations are used for centering to a pencil mark. (Works best on basic endstop version)
In actual use i found it was best to mark the holes with a bradawl before drilling anything.
Also it is best to print both versions (End stop and Centre bars).

Other applications:
You could also use this for decking and any other repeated drill patterns from any edges.

Openscad file included.

Bouton Pression

Bouton pression pour projet Myoware. A imprimer en filament conducteur (proto plasta ou autre).
Le but est de ce clipper directement sur la carte MyoWare.

Mais c'est un simple bouton pression coté mâle, le fichier freecad est dans l'archive pour ajouter des trous puis coudre le bouton sur un vêtement.

Cette objet fait partie d'un projet plus grand a cours avec la carte myoware.

can holder Intex / bestway

can holder for pools intex / bestway

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