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June 15 2017

Runcam FPV camera mount

Camera mount for Runcam Swift 2. Will also fit Night Eagle and probably most others. Profile designed with VAS Spark airplane in mind.

Limitless RDTA top cap replacement

This is replacement top cap for limitless rdta. I printed it because the last one has been destroyed. It works like original. I recommend printing it with ABS and with supports.

KARCHER WD3.300 Filter Closure Replacement

Filter Closure Replacment for KARCHER WD3.300 Vaccum cleaner.
The original closure is made from Polypropylene (PP) but I think PLA/ABS/PETG can be good replacement.

The Gasket should be printed with Ninjaflex or any other soft material, rubber like.

Stand for Aukey LC-C2 Qi wireless charger for Samsung S7/S7 Edge

Stand for Aukey LC-C2 Qi wireless charger set for Samsung S7/S7 Edge

Drehgriff für Monsieur Cousine

Meine Frau sagte, sie braucht sowas, da habe ich ihr einen Drehgriff für das Messer des Monsieur Cousine von Lidl konstruiert. Dies kann man unten auf das Zahnrad aufsetzen und damit leichter das Messer drehen, z.B. um Kuchenteig aus dem Gefäß zu bekommen.

triplex gear

thing triplex

18650 battery holder

This is my design of holder for 18650 cells. Contacts are made from brass or copper. Perfect for box mods and other high current applications.

Fidget Spinner Transformer

A fidget spinner that transforms into 2 minibots and one combined bot! These are the parts, with little aesthetic detail.

Single cell box mod

This is my design of unregulated box mod. Parts needed:

Paintball Velocity Adjuster for Bits

Paintball Velocity Adjuster for Bits

Simple Quick Print Tube Squeezer

Simple, quick to print tube squeezer. Inner length is 52mm which should fit most standard tubes.

Sailor Senshi Choker Piece-Super Manga Ver

This is something I whipped up since I will be making a Super Sailor Senshi costume that is accurate to the manga.
In the manga, the sailors have a star on their choker, and inside is a respective colored gem. I was having issues with the faceted part and my 3D program wasn't running and kept crashing. It's all fine now, but I had to improvise
Please let me know if there are any concerns.

Space Flea

These are the dxf files for the Space Flea 122.

Feel free to change this frame in anyway you see fit.

Carbon Fiber frames can be ordered from the link below

Krabička pro Raspberry Pi Zero

Krabička pro Raspberry Pi Zero nebo Zero W.

bird lamp

need glue gun.
coloring - acrylic color
LED lamp size in the image(37mmX37mmX38mm).

Spider Web Puzzle

Can you remove the ring without removing the marbles?? Enjoy!

ps4 leg

ps4 leg to allow ps4 to get better air flow under. gaps for wires to be routed through.

RIP Birdie

A yellow sticky was being held down by a couple of pebbles off to the side of the sidewalk that had "RIP BIRDIE" written on it. This, of course, didn't last more than a couple of days. So I came up with this and put it where the note had been.


Solid Cradle for 18 Animal Puzzle

Always looking for new puzzles for my classroom. Modified the cradle to make it a little more challenging! 18 animals from original thing fit perfectly! Thanks, onepointdiy!

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